Picture This

After a long day in the office, you pop into Nordstrom on the way home from work (a little retail therapy anyone?).   

After browsing around for a bit you stumble upon a gorgeous white off-the-shoulder top.  It’s so beautiful! So perfect! But wait, what’s this?  … You read the price tag and it (gulp) costs as much as your entire apartment’s utility bill for the month.  

But it’s too late, you can’t just walk away.  You’ve already fallen in love with that damn shirt and can’t imagine your weekend plans without it. Must you really have to choose between running water and this gorgeous, perfect, beautiful shirt?

And this is where Pixt comes in.  

Whip out your phone, open the app, take a pic and BOOM. Turns out Zara has almost the EXACT SAME ITEM only ONE BLOCK AWAY except their version is a HUMBLE $29.99.  

Now you can both afford running water and also look bangin this weekend in the outfit of your dreams.  Better hustle over to Zara and claim your well-earned prize.   

Whether you see shopping as a necessary evil or revel in the curative effects of retail therapy, Pixt optimizes your shopping experience for you. Simply take a picture of the item you desire and Pixt will uncover similar pieces nearby for you to compare, so that you can make an informed decision.

Happy shopping!

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