A Week in our Closet: Pixt

Here at Pixt, we live dynamic lives and wear many different hats (sometimes literally). And if you couldn’t tell, we also really love clothes! Since Pixt is such a full time operation, it really means that we need to have full range closets.  We thought it’d be fun to walk you through a week in the Pixt life, and show you how we style our ways through!



We're firm believers in starting the week off on the right foot.  In our case, that's with a pop of color, preferably manifested in the form of a power suit.  Bonus points for adding a floral blouse.  


It's Tuesday and we're feelin' dressy... while still ridin' the business professional wave.  We just think that dresses are a bit more comfy!  


There's always at least one day a week when we have meetings all around the city and need to look pulled together af.  Enter the white blouse, black pant combo.  If you look closely, though, we've still chosen pieces with a bit of personal flair (couldn't resist). 


Does anyone else love the feeling of running around the city in a very chic outfit looking oh-so busy and important? Just a little bit?  ....Just me?  If you agree, I think you might like these Thursday outfits. 


Ahhh, casual Friday.  Pull out your denim and shorts and white tees. Nice.  


Cheers to the freakin weekend.  Bless the day made for taking in museums, walking through the park, meeting up with friends (and shopping with Pixt??).  Today is not the day to stress about your outfit- it's the day to look and feel your best and take it eeeeasy.  


There is truly nothing like a lazy Sunday. No judgements here if you don't even leave the house (except maybe for a run/spin sesh/ yoga class or a grocery run). Rest up, because it's almost time to do it all again! 

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