1. Take Advantage of Your Online Presence 

Social media is a powerful tool, especially for retailers. Set up your website so that people can browse and buy your products. Social media can give people a taste of what's in your store so they'll come in to see more! It can help generate sales, brand awareness, and foot traffic. An online presence offers a window into your store that can excite people and bring them in. 

2. Get Listed Online 

Actively manage profiles like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to make sure that all the information on there is correct. Odds are that your customers will be looking for your store online; whether it's for the address, reviews, or to look at photos. It's a good idea to keep it updated with fresh pictures that'll sway consumers to take a look in person. Details are a necessity! Here's a list you should be sure to list online.

  • Name, phone, address
  • Accurate business hours
  • Reviews 
  • Lots of picture with content in the store
  • Link to your website and social media

3. Implement Email Marketing

An easy way to stay in touch with your customers and update them on anything going on in the store. Whether it's an in-store promotion, new clothing items, blog post, or an event coming up, let them know! Mention the exclusive benefits of coming into the store and why it'll be worth their time. Target your emails to a specific segment of your audience to ensure that you're getting the most utility from them.

4. Work with Influencers and Brand Ambassadors

Influencers and Brand Ambassadors in your area can help increase brand awareness which in turn will boost foot traffic. They help spread the word about your brand to a specified audience. Working with them will get your name and products out to your prospective consumers. You'll want to look for people that you're proud to have representing your brand, who embody your brand message and outlook. 

5. Hold Events

One of the best ways to attract people into your shop. Events offer experiences that customers won't find online or in other stores. You're offering them something unique, something that they'll want to make time for. They'll be more likely to make the trip into your brick and mortar store and bring their like-minded friends along with them. It's a great way to attract potential customers off the street as well from your online following.

6. Free Wi-Fi!

Most everyone is connected to their phones at all hours of the day. Having complimentary Wi-Fi can definitely draw people into your store. Unlimited data usually isn't the norm now for phone companies. Customers will spend more time in your store if they have access to Wi-Fi and it could lead to more sales and engagement with your brand. 

7. Put Something Outside

A small sign can be a powerful tool to draw people in. It catches their eye, peaks their interest, and might entice them to come in. These signs can have inspirational quotes, notifications about events, sales, or anything like that. It should have a positive message on it and have details that are notable. 

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