4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Online

1. Will the title catch the reader’s attention?

Does your title scream "READ ME!" or does it just get brushed aside?  A title is your first impression on a reader and if it’s not compelling, people will scroll right past it. You want your first impression to be a good one. Take advantage of people’s curiosity and give them something thought-provoking that they’ll NEED to read more about. Like in a relationship, a first impression sets the stage and sets expectations for what's to come. Your title should grab your reader's attention and entice them to read more. Think to yourself, if I came across this, would I stop to read it?

2. Are there any grammar or spelling mistakes?

Grammar and spelling mistakes risk your work looking sloppy, thoughtless, and unprofessional. It’s important to read through your writing a few times to see if you missed anything. It also helps if you step away from it for a while and come back to look with fresh eyes. There’s an application available for free on your computer called Grammarly that catches most grammar and spelling mistakes. Grammarly isn’t foolproof, so you’ll still need to look carefully yourself.  

3. Is it concise?

When writing a public post, it's essential that you're straight to the point. Odds are that your audience is going to be scrolling through their newsfeed when they come across your work, and they aren't going to want to read a novel. Tell them what they need to know and how it's pertinent to their lives, no need for anything more! Test it by reading your post aloud to see if there's anything that can be taken out without changing the message.

4. What is the goal of this post? Have I met it?

Draft a list of your goals and aspirations for your post before you start writing. Ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish and then create an outline of how you'll get there.  When finished, step away from it for a couple hours, then come back and ask yourself if it embodies the message you're trying to convey and if it will appeal to your audience.

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