Style Tips to Live By

1. Style is about confidence too

If you believe you look good in something, that’s half the battle. Confidence is key when rocking your favorite clothes. We mentioned in an earlier blog post the importance of confidence with any outfit and we stand by that. If you wear what makes you feel good, feel confident, feel fabulous, you can’t go wrong! We’ve all seen outrageous outfits on runways and wonder why fashionistas would wear such unflattering, unrealistic outfits. When they walk down that runway with confidence and a hint of arrogance, they somehow make it work.

2. Dress to impress yourself!

You’re the one wearing this outfit, you should feel gorgeous in it. No matter what, there will always be someone that doesn’t like your outfit or doesn’t get why you choose to wear that shirt with those shoes. If you love it, rock it, despite what anyone else says. Even if I think that top is ridiculous, it doesn’t matter if it’s comfortable and you love it.

3. Comfort is king

If you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, why wear it? Is it really worth sacrificing your comfort to impress others? Chances are that if you don’t feel comfortable in an outfit, you won’t think you look good in it either. You deserve to feel great in your clothes, physically and mentally. Skip over those pants you hate after having on for two seconds and opt for your most comfortable pair. While getting out of your comfort zone a little can be great sometimes, you should make sure that you still feel like your most confident and fabulous self!

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