Show users your brand's personality

Social media acts as a behind-the-scenes look at what your brand is really all about. It's important that each piece you post reflects your brand's message and the image you want to convey. The images you post aren't just to show off your products, they're used to depict a certain lifestyle, which is something that millions of social media users are buying into. 

Give your users a personal experience

Every little mention that you get on social media, every comment on every post, should be answered. Consumers appreciate the personal response and even if you come across a bad comment, it's important to respond! It demonstrates that you care and that you're taking their feedback seriously. Sifting through mentions can also provide critical input about your products and gather information about what's going well and what needs to be changed. 

Shorten the path-to-purchase

Enabling consumers to buy directly off your social media makes their purchasing decision easier. They don't have to go through many steps to purchase your products, so they're more likely to take that initiative. Utilizing a direct sales channel through social media will help drive sales. 

Have a Pinterest strategy

Especially for fashion companies, Pinterest can be a great platform to utilize. Users post pictures of outfits and accessories that they like, so this is a perfect place to get your products out there. Pinterest allows businesses to execute sales directly on their website through their new partnership with Etsy Marketplace. Take advantage of that and use it to generate sales and brand awareness!

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