The Benefits of Co-Marketing

Co-marketing between brands provides an opportunity for companies to reach a new audience and get a new type of content in front of them. It’ll give you access to more resources, additional experience, and more exposure.

Hubspot’s blog provided a list of questions to ask yourself before pairing up with another brand.

1. Do they have a similar type of audience that my company has and wants to grow? If not, the value I would get out of promoting our content to their audience may not be worth it.

2. How many new leads am I going to get from this partnership? Is it large enough to be worth my time? Only you can decide what is worth it.

3. Do they have some expertise that I don’t have? Let’s say my audience is dying to know more about how to optimize for local SEO, but my knowledge base is limited to general SEO knowledge. Maybe I partner with an expert on local SEO.

4. Does their brand and name have a good reputation? Don’t partner with people who will bring down your credibility.

5. Are the people you are working with enjoyable to work with? This is a new one I added recently, but it is important. Sure, co-marketing is a job, but it should still be enjoyable. Look for partners that you actually look forward to working with.

When going about asking a brand to co-market, you need a good sales pitch. Something that’ll entice them to want to work together. Be willing to compromise, but if you’re not happy with an idea, be honest about it! Hubspot’s blog gives a more detailed explanation, so check them out if this sounds like something you’d be interested in.

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