3 Stories That'll Restore Your Faith in Humanity

"Los Angeles resident Mohamed Bzeek, 62, encompasses what it means to be selfless. He has taken in terminally ill children who are in the L.A. foster care system for the past 20 years—initially with his wife, Dawn, and now alone since her death in 2014.

Bzeek, originally from Libya, has cared for 40 children throughout the past two decades and currently takes care of a 6-year-old girl who is blind, deaf and paralyzed. He says that although he knows she cannot see or hear him, he always holds her and talks to her so she knows she’s not alone in the world."

Jamie Friedlander


"In the predawn hours of a Saturday morning in January, an arsonist set fire to the Victoria Islamic Center, a mosque in Victoria, Texas. The fire gutted the building, but the shocked community immediately responded with love. The Jewish and Christian communities of Victoria quickly stepped up, offering their churches and a synagogue for worship to the congregation of fewer than 150 people. And within days, a GoFundMe account set up to raise funds for rebuilding the uninsured structure surpassed the goal of $850,000, raising more than $1 million from people of all beliefs—including atheists."

Sophia Dembling


"As the sister of a brother with Asperger’s syndrome, love stories like that of Florida couple Nico Morales and Latoya Jolly are by far my favorite kind. After meeting on a dating site for those on the autism spectrum, the two connected quickly and built a deep relationship based on mutual understanding and support. Morales describes their dynamic as being “even more extraordinary together.”

Karin Vandraiss

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